1. There will be no face to face services until further notice. Members are to call on conference call each Sunday at 11 am and the Pastor will be sharing the gospel message and scripture. This Sunday and for other church services, please use the app - ZOOM. This can be downloaded from your computer, laptop, or android phone (must go to play store). One can dial in too. The number is 253-215-8782. The access code is 898.019.7693. The access code is to be entered for the ID when you use your device. For further instructions, please check your text from Church Secretary or call the Technology Chair at 377.7878.
  2. There will be no face to face for Tuesday Morning Prayer but continue to have prayer in your individual homes on Tuesday Mornings. Those who can, please set aside the hour of 10:00 am for prayer. Members determine own prayer time on Fridays.
  3. All services will be presented on Zoom. The number is 253-215-8782. The access code is 898.019.7693.
  4. On Fridays, members are to designate a personal time of prayer.
  5. Tithes, Sunday School, and Morning Offerings can be made online on the church's website. If you have a church calendar, instructions are listed in the back of calendar.
  6. Fish Fry scheduled for 4/4 will not occur and will be rescheduled.
  7. Pastor John Dixon's home number is 901.837.2198. His cell number is 901.292.6767. Email address is Johnadam4u@yahoo.com.